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Effective Monday, December 26th, the following routes will be modified to avoid the use of the freeway during the closure of the MacArthur off-ramp.  These route modifications will have no impact on bus stops served.


  • North Hollis
  • North Shellmound
  • Watergate Express


The new routing is currently shown on the real-time tracking system, therefore arrival predictions on Thursday, 12/22 and Friday, 12/23 may not be accurate.


We will continue to monitor travel times after the holiday season to determine whether schedule modifications are needed.


We thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes.



Emery Go-Round will not run service on Christmas or New Year’s day and will operate on a reduced service schedule on Saturday, December 24th and Saturday, December 31st. Click Here to view the reduced service schedule.



Attention Riders – Since the launch of our new routes and schedules we have been monitoring route performance to determine whether additional route and/or schedule modification are needed. One temporary modification we are evaluating is re-routing the North Hollis and North Shellmound commute period routes, to avoid the use of the freeway. Caltrans has closed a portion of the off-ramp which has required us to detour down 40th Street, resulting in travel delays during the peak congestion period. Caltrans anticipates complete closure of the off-ramp in late December, for a period of 5 months, so all routes will need to be temporarily modified. Once the off-ramp is re-opened in the summer 2017, we’ll re-evaluate travel times using the freeway to determine whether to resume the current routing for North Hollis, North Shellmound and the Watergate Express routes.


Additionally, we have noticed an increase in traffic volumes over the past few months, particularly during this holiday season.   We will continue to monitor travel times to determine whether additional schedule modification are required.


We appreciate your patience as we navigate the implementation of these service changes.




ETMA Management




Attention Riders! Effective December 1st, we are operating our new routes and schedules. To view the new service, go to the MAPS & SCHEDULES Tab. Go to the REAL-TIME TRACKING tab to view our new tracking system.



Effective December 1st, the Emery Go-Round routes and schedules will change and NextBus will no longer be active.  Our new service plan is separated into the following 3 service periods:


  1. Standard Service
    Monday through Friday, except during the commute service period.

  2. Commute Service
    Monday through Friday from 7AM-10AM and from 3PM-7PM.

  3. Weekend Service
    Saturday and Sunday.


New route guides will be available on all Emery Go-Round Shuttles on Monday, November 28th. Click Here to view the new Route Guide.


Additionally, our new real-time tracking system will go live on December 1st, although it will take 1-2 weeks to reflect accurate arrival predictions.   You can download the EmeryGo App on the Android or iPhone now, but will not be fully functional until the new real time system is up.  If you do not have an IPhone or Android, you will be able to visit the web on your Smartphone or PC at to access real-time tracking information, announcements, and manage alerts on or after December 1st.


All Emery Go-Round Bus Stop Signs will be replaced in early December.